What to expect

What to expect in a Soundbath Experience?

What to bring

It’s helpful to wear comfortable loose clothing and to bring a water bottle with you for after the session.

Some venues will provide yoga mats, but if not, please bring a yoga mat or something to lie on.  You may also wish to bring cushions – one for your head and perhaps one for under you knees.  You may also want to bring a light shawl or blanket to cover yourself during the session.

Welcome and explanation

After everyone has arrived and a chosen a position in the space, Carmen and David will introduce the Soundbath Experience.

They will explain what’s going to happen during the session, and outline what you might expect, based on people’s feedback. They’ll briefly introduce the various instruments and how they are played.

You’ll be invited to set an intention for your Soundbath Experience – this is your private intention.

You will have an opportunity to ask some questions beforehand, and also afterwards.

At the end of the session, some people like to share their experience, some people prefer to keep this to themselves, it’s up to you.  Carmen and David will facilitate a gentle discussion afterwards and you can contribute if you wish.

The Soundbath Experience

Imagine yourself lying in comfortable clothes, relaxed and ready for your Soundbath Experience.

Out of the silence, gentle bells begin. You’re feeling quite peaceful now and the day-to-day world fades as the sounds of Nature trickle into your awareness, followed by gentle tinkling bells.  The ethereal music of singing bowls begins to wash over your body and mind. The delicate sound seems to rise out of nowhere and swirl around you, over you and through you as you become fully immersed in your “soundbath”. Layer upon layer of music from Tibetan bowls (with their rich harmonic overtones), sweet-sounding Japanese bowls, the otherworldly hum and vibration of quartz crystal singing bowls, the deep reverberance of Chinese gongs, the hypnotic strings of an Indian drone, interspersed with a serene and calming voice. The music is building in effect, not decibels.

Are you floating?
Are you dreaming?

As the sounds gently subside, Carmen lets you know that your Soundbath Experience is coming to a close, and guides you back through focussed breathing into a more present state of mind.  You rest a while, basking in the silent wonder of it all, until you are ready to speak, to move, to return to the outside world.