Each person’s experience of a Soundbath is quite different.  Here’s how some describe their experience.

“I’ve never felt such deep peace, and mental clarity – suddenly I saw all the steps I need to take to get through next week’s challenges.”
Barry Donaldson, Sales Manager

“I experienced a beautiful blue light … a place I’ve never been before. The blue light was singing into me.
I feel completely different … wonderful … so peaceful”.

Beverley, grandmother

“I feel like I’ve had an operation on my soul”
Helen Hymas, Reflexologist

“It was like touching the celestial and being touched back … connecting with that something that is deep and profound. I am forever changed!”
Yvonne Evans, Corporate Trainer

“There were waves of energy going through me, and I felt the sound releasing physical blocks in various parts of my body.”
Eduardo Diaz, Pranic Healer

“I was expecting to enjoy the experience but I was taken by surprise. What an enormous impact. Directly after the session and into that night I felt uplifted, strong and grounded. In the week that followed I experienced some enormous highs and lows connected to the concepts explored in the session and now, some weeks later, find myself a couple of notches up from where I started. Thankyou to you both for your remarkable gift and the delightful outcome. Carmen, your words at the end of the meditation were good food for thought at the time and have turned into significant meditative concepts for me. I still get a buzz thinking about the session now!  Thanks again Carmen and David for the beautiful gift. I really do feel like you both got into my soul there and really still value the experience.”
Adrian Nunes, Arts Centre Manager

“I recommend the Soundbath Experience to anyone who needs to slow down, reconnect and give yourself a large dose of care and insight. Completely radiating. Thank you.”
Estelle, Yogi, Creative.

“WOW – I experienced more than I’d ever expected. The joy of trying something for the first time and just being blown away by it.”
Leia, Court Registrar

“As always experiences with Carmen and David transport me to a beautiful peaceful place. Thank you.”
Rosemary N, Retired

“Today I participated in a 60 minute Tibetan Sound Bath Experience. I admit I fell asleep towards the end but in the beginning and middle I felt pure joy, relaxation, vibrations, colours and sounds!”
RR, Coordinator