Soundbath Instruments

What instruments are used during a soundbath?

Carmen and David play a variety of instruments during the session including Tibetan, Japanese and Quartz crystal singing bowls, bells and chimes, Chinese Gongs, Indian drone, South African kalimba, Tasmanian frame-drum and voice. The sounds will swirl around you, over you and through you, and will at times seem ethereal, lyrical, powerful, other-worldly and comforting.  Occasionally we’ll walk around, bringing the sounds closer to you. We’ll also play a recorded backdrop of Nature sounds to neutralise any distant noises outside the room such as traffic and machinery.

Collection of Tibetan and Japanese singing bowls, powerful and vibrant
Chinese Wuhan gong – transformative and energizing
carillon quartz crystal bowl, comforting and powerful
quartz crystal therapist bowl, cleansing, uplifting
kalimba, lyrical and soothing
Indian drone instrument, lyrical and hypnotic
Tasmanian-made frame drum, pulse of the earth, heartbeat
Collection of chimes and bells, sparkling, shimmering, cleansing