Today I Will …


Today I will – creative visualisations to make your life calm

Need to meditate but it’s just not right for you? Affirmations are the answer. Today I Will… contains 100 inspiring and practical affirmations to help bring mindfulness, calm and creativity into your life.

You know you ‘need’ to meditate – because you’ve been told to – or maybe you want to learn to meditate but find it too difficult to establish a meditation practice. The answer you’re looking for is affirmations, which work like mini meditations: your attention can be focused on the affirmation for a short period of time and give your brain a chance to let go of extraneous thoughts. You can repeat affirmations throughout the day for little moments of calm.

The affirmations in Today I Will… can help you develop mindfulness in a busy world, in just a few short minutes a day. They also provide moments of inspiration to uplift your everyday life.

Each affirmation encourages you to make simple changes to daily routines and ways of thinking. The practical purpose, wisdom and joy associated with each affirmation are explained to you as you are guided towards your calm and creative nature.

Start changing your life in a positive way: Today I Will…

This beautiful and inspirational book is the perfect gift for someone you love, or a motivational tool for your own life. 100 inspiring and practical things to do, written as affirmations.  Each affirmation encourages you to make simple changes to your daily routines and ways of thinking.  The practical purpose, wisdom and joy are explained as you are guided towards your calm and creative nature.  Choose a page for today, be inspired and rediscover your inner beauty.

Originally published 2001, currently in its sixth reprint.

Review on by ☼♄Jülie  who rated it – it was amazing
I absolutely love this little book and never tire of it, and the CD is just beautiful…listen with your headphones on, so uplifting 🙂
This is for everybody, anytime. You don’t have to be “into” alternative practices, this is just soul food…your soul needs regular sustenance too.

I own a lot of meditaion CD’s most of which I love, and a few of which are…lets face it, “cringe worthy,” but I can honestly say without reservation that this is one of my absolute favourites 🙂
it is short, sweet and a joy to listen to again and again.

Highly recommended