Soundtrack for the Mind


Give yourself some time to drift dream imagine

By David Jones – Peace Collective

Soundtrack for the Mind invites you on a journey into worlds of your own imagining. Like a movie score, this evocative music inspires you to create your own pictures, feelings and stories. The music is intricate, engaging and calming.

Escape from the everyday as you immerse yourself in these spacious and beautiful soundcapes.

These intuitive artists use meditation and mindfulness as their inspiration for music-making:
David Jones drums gongs chimes bells healing bowls Indian drone roto tom vocals bowed bass
Adam Simmons fujara
Fiona Burnett soprano saxophone
Michael Conolan cello
Glenn Taylor cello effects
Evripides Evripidou bass and effects
David Kilowski conch shell

7 Tracks: 59 minutes
1. serpent devours itself
2. sunset on baba’s rock
3. dave’s cave
4. seven shamen
5. journey to the centre of the heart
6. answers will come
7. biosphere