3rd Ear – SonicScapes CD


3rd Ear is the awesome duo of David Jones and Euripides Evripidou and their first CD release is

SonicScapes        21st Century Music … Ancient Minds

There are 2 long tracks on this CD – David and Evri play electronic instruments that sound acoustic and acoustic instruments that sound somehow electronic.

This CD is for deep listening.  Definitely not background music.  Set some time aside to give yourself an experience. Please listen.

“The CD is terrific, I love the sense of cinematic quality to your work. Super Nova has moments where I feel I am on an Indian street or Balinese market and feels very programmatic, I love it. Honey Eater is even more atmospheric for me and I swear I hear crows and birds calling in the background. I love the wash of percussive sound, the sense of tension and release you both create without tight form and structure. The range of tone colours from bass and percussion is huge! Well done David, I think this will entrance people and create a sense of wonder.”
Stephen Vine, Head of Music, Girton Grammar School Bendigo