Meditations On Peace


Lose yourself in the music and find your peace

By David Jones – Peace Collective

Meditations on Peace is spacious, free, exquisitely beautiful music intended to open up pathways to inner peace. 10 respected Australian composers play a refreshing and unique blend of acoustic instruments with sparse digital effects to enhance the dreamy soundscapes.

These intuitive artists use meditation and mindfulness as their inspiration:
David Jones drums gongs chimes kalimba bells healing bowls Indian drone
Vinod Prasanna Indian flutes
Michael Johnson folk harp
Adam Simmons music box Japanese flute
Fiona Burnett soprano saxophone
Michael Conolan cello
Glenn Taylor cello effects
Megan Kenny alto flute
Carmen Warrington vocals
Evripides Evripidou bass and effects

10 Tracks: 60 minutes
1. Nirvana
2. Droplets
3. Glow
4. Tranquility
5. Alchemy
6. Ahimsa
7. Enerchi
8. Star Dust

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